Saturday, December 26, 2009


Zach Galafiankis!!!

I painted this as a Christmas present for my best friend. It's Zach Galifuckicantspellthisguysnamerightever (the guy from The Hangover). hahaha

My friend Kris and I love Zach's stand up comedy, so I painted Zach Febrezing his beard in a hotel room, wearing a Bojangle's t-shirt with Cool Ranch Dorito's on the bed. The dog painting in the background is a joke about my sister's dog who gets his hair cut into what the groomers call a "pants suit" and that ALWAYS makes Kris laugh. So yeah...that's that! Enjoy! lol :)

Detroit Derby Girls Poster

Poster, poster, poster, poster!

January 10, 2010

MF Magazine Winter Issue

Portland based magazine, MF (, will contain 2 illustrations that I completed for them on a very short deadline for their winter 2010 issue. The first piece was for Charlie Fink. Fink is the lead singer of the Brit band Noah and the Whale. He completed a film to go along with the bands new album "The First Day Of Spring".

And I also did an illustration for the band Fanfarlo (which I became a fan of when I heard their song "The Walls Are Coming Down" on MTV2 at like 2 o'clock in the morning several months ago.)

Rad stuff! Can't wait until the issue comes out!