Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Starting Fresh...

Well it's been awhile since I've posted anything. Life gets in the way of doing what you really want to do sometimes. I am thrilled that 2011 is almost over. Moving on to bigger and hopefully better things in the new year!

Just thought I'd post something that I've been cooking up and I'll keep posting as I keep creating...promise!

Here's a painting that I did for a self promotional piece for my page in the 2012 edition of Directory of Illustration. It's Adam Richman from Man V. Food! It's an 8x10 illustration on board, with textured gesso and oil paint. In a few weeks I should get my copy of the DIR and I can't wait to see it! The marketing director, Adrian, told me that I'm towards the back of the book this year and that my page is next to someones work that compliments my work. So I'm pretty curious to see it!

Friday, January 15, 2010

MF Magazine

MF Magazine's 2010 Winter Issue Out NOW!!!
Check it out!

I'm on page 3, 9 and 14!!!
Read it online or buy an issue!!!


Friday, January 8, 2010

Check This Out!

Michele Oestman Illustration is now on:


Check it out!!!
New art is in the works!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Zach Galafiankis!!!

I painted this as a Christmas present for my best friend. It's Zach Galifuckicantspellthisguysnamerightever (the guy from The Hangover). hahaha

My friend Kris and I love Zach's stand up comedy, so I painted Zach Febrezing his beard in a hotel room, wearing a Bojangle's t-shirt with Cool Ranch Dorito's on the bed. The dog painting in the background is a joke about my sister's dog who gets his hair cut into what the groomers call a "pants suit" and that ALWAYS makes Kris laugh. So yeah...that's that! Enjoy! lol :)

Detroit Derby Girls Poster

Poster, poster, poster, poster!

January 10, 2010

MF Magazine Winter Issue

Portland based magazine, MF (http://www.musicfashionmagazine.com/), will contain 2 illustrations that I completed for them on a very short deadline for their winter 2010 issue. The first piece was for Charlie Fink. Fink is the lead singer of the Brit band Noah and the Whale. He completed a film to go along with the bands new album "The First Day Of Spring".

And I also did an illustration for the band Fanfarlo (which I became a fan of when I heard their song "The Walls Are Coming Down" on MTV2 at like 2 o'clock in the morning several months ago.)

Rad stuff! Can't wait until the issue comes out!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Oestman Illustration @ Tasi in Royal Oak, MI

August 1st, 2009
Opening Reception @ Tasi
204 West Fourth Street
Royal Oak, MI 48067
The show runs until August 24th.
All framed paintings are for sale.
Prints are available upon request.
Hope to see you there!